Do I love Pinot Noirs? Oh yes I do! 

Ever since I lived in #Aussie, I had this funny feeling about #PinotNoirs, they weren’t too heavy, there weren’t really light, they were just funny. You would come across this great #CloudyBay #PinotNoir from “kiwi land” and then you would just cross to this Pinot Noir from #Tasmania or perhaps one from #Chile and flavours would be just fine, not bad, but they wouldn’t really surprise me. Then I started to discover #Valpolicella, oh God! I loved that #Italian red, even though it was a bit light for my liking as I, by then, was into heavy #Australian #Shiraz or corpulent Italian #Amarone. So clearly I realised my thing was big wines; big in body that is. I didn’t consider Pinot Noirs bad wines but they just weren’t heavy enough. Time went past, wines came through, #food #pairings came along, all that jazz of trying new things, discovering new tastes, new #flavours, #aromas, bites and all that comes across to people like me that just want to discover, that want to try the new stuff.

So back in #Colombia, some Pinot Noirs, from Chile mostly, #Leyda Pinot Noir or #Montes for instance or #CoteDeNuitVillages from #France caught my attention. So I decided it was time to determine whether I liked the so called “Queen of Reds” or not.

Years into wine drinking, down the path of discovering aromas, tastes, flavours, complexities, I started to understand that there is a hidden chapter of my love for wine in Pinot Noir that I just hadn’t reached. It’s here and now, years after, I am finally discovering and most importantly, enjoying it.
I just a few words, I love Pinot Noirs.
It took some study, many bottles and many fights against people and even myself to accept that Pinot Noirs are just a great bunch of wines made with the highest standards in every place they are made. Great representation of a noble wine.
Now, I’ve moved to #California and opened all my heart to Pinots, I decided to look for the perfect one, for the most delicate but with character, the most aromatic but decent and humble to my nose, the one that would make me say “This is my Pinot.” Probably that won’t happen, as there are just too many. In the meantime, I will get my hands on the most I can – I would then think I’m doing my homework!
Enjoy Pinot Noir and love the wines that come out of such a great grape!