Mum & Dad - The sponsors

The sponsors (Mum & Dad)

Mum & dad….the sponsors….yes, the ones that have always supported me & still support all those many crazy ideas when moving to a next chapter.

Mum & Dad - The sponsors
Mum & Dad – The sponsors

My mum, Genia (shorter for Eugenia, and you don’t even wanna know how long the name goes for hahahaha) and dad is Sanchez (his name is Raul Jaime, we call him Jaime….or dad), in 2023 they’ve been married for 48 bloody long years, but hey…they still live together, sleep in the same bed and call each other “Mi amor” (My love, for Spanish, colombia, remember?).

My life, our life should I say together with my sister (Cathalina or Cathy, don’t ask about the H in a Spanish name), has been a privileged one, we had everything we needed and sometimes more, thanks to our parents, to my dad’s hard work & discipline & my mum’s great support.

The family!
The family!

Our family has somehow worked out. I think I’ve made it a long way and still building up & so has my sister, a little older than me but still cool and with her life coming to her and making what makes her happy, making her career an enjoyable one. She’s a lawyer and has specialized in human rights & migrations.

The sister!
The sister!

But let’s just focus on “The sponsors”. This is just a little post to honour this two people, that today, together with Cielo & Bianca (the pups, you’ll read about how they influence in me later) & my sister (and the incognito) form my direct family. Some people say that family it’s all you have at the end.

Those two guys, Genia & Sanchez, bloody hell, I don’t have enough time in my life and enough space in my blog to write about them, about how good, supportive and emotional support they’ve been all my life, not only with my “Good Samaritan” education but also that support we all need sometimes when our business or our personal lives aren’t rolling that smooth, they’ve always been there. I thank god (I don’t care who you thank to, we’re all good) for them and for that, counting on your parents after all these many years & mishaps & successes, it’s just a big deal.

Today, as I’m sipping down on some Oregon dolcetto from Marchesi & some cab sauv from Kennedy Shah, organizing and trying to make this blog more fancy and nice and up to date, decided to write about a big part of my success, my parents!

Long story short, my dad prefers his steak Medium to well, really dad? Oh god….and by the way, when I had my resto, la Galite, in colombia, I wouldn’t serve “chips”, in American “French fries” , but that’s like my dads second most loved snack…. Guess how many we had do cook because “El señor Sanchez” ordered then and the table next to them also wanted them….they just didn’t understand who that guy was, the guy behind the scenes. Restaurant life, right?

Today, after many hard & good times, after many learnings, after understanding his say “You build your own future”, I can’t be more proud of saying they’re my parents, I can’t think of choosing a different pair, I’m just extremely grateful and blessed for having those 2 human beings as my parents, my supporters, my cheerleaders, my backing many times and for just being my parents and to try to teach me and show me the right way to things & the right way of operating in life.

Thank you, gracias! Those are the words for my folks, they deserve way more than that, I know, but writing some words… it’s just a start!

Gracias papi & mami! They might read this easier!

By the way…my mum loves sushi… hahahahah!


Buon appetito!