(English) Mexico City’s Starter!

Recently ate in Mexico City. Wow! That’s what I have to say, Wow!

Even though is not secret that Mexico’s gourmet environment has been on a rise for the last 5 to 10 years, still you have to get amazed by what these Mexican cooks are doing.

Mexico City (and metropolitan area) with its 21 million habitants, multicultural places, little traditional squares and markets, developing ends of the city and numerous infrastructure projects, hosts as many different and various cuisines, restaurant styles, 3 of the top 50 restaurants in the San Pellegrino Guide (50 best restaurants in the world) and a bunch of rising culinary currents that can only make you water your mouth and get on to discover that big cooking world.

My two main outings were Pujol (16 in the world. San Pellegrino guide) and Sud 777 (27 in Latin America).

While both of them are high end restaurants, differences between them are many. Both of them use local produce, are Mexican cuisine orientated and while the first one is more of a minimalistic and with a set menu only option, the second one gives you the opportunity of having a 5 course set menu or a la carte menu.

Wine? Oh yes please! Since las July when I visited Baja California’s “Valle de Guadalupe” and got my hands and taste buds on several Mexican wines, started a chase for them. Being in Mexico, eating Mexican oriented dishes why just not having a local or regional pairing? Went that way!
Wine menus in both restaurants are made with detail, using some of their local wine and having a great mix of California, France, Italy, some German and eventually a touch of South America with some Chilean and Argentinean bottles. Complete offer, fair pricing and great environment to enjoy them.
But don’t think I forgot about the local food, street food, no. Also had a go to a little local restaurant, some carnitas tacos and a local beer, went just great! Spicy, nice and flavourful, like real tacos are, juicy meat and and great mix of tomatoes and onions in that particular salsa that when I always try to make it at home, just can’t produce the same flavour, might be a Mexican secret I don’t know about.
Italians restaurants, French restaurants, whisky tasting rooms, wine shops, art shops and museums, Aguas frescas, culture, flavours, tastes, chiles, colours, that’s Mexico, a living and vibrating culture that can be seen and appreciated in a dish or in a glass and will remain in your mind.
Watch out for my Pujol & Sud 777 experiences in the next few days.

Viva Mexico!

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