Happy 2019!

And it’s the end of the year! 2018 brought a Bunch of experiences, trips, knowledge, new people, lots of food, great wine and most important the satisfaction of the job properly done!

Being a corporate chef is more than a simple cook, is more than getting a pan and put all your love and knowledge into a recipe, cook it and serve it. Being a corporate chef goes further because when you work for a company is not only all that of a chef to run a restaurant but also getting to know how to get into every single chef and restauranteur head to make them fall in love with your products, telling them stories on how to use your products and how to get the most out of them with their own recipes. You just have to be in top of every single product you sell and knowing everything about it!

This 2018 was awesome, traveling within Colombia made me richer in knowledge, culture, flavours and believe it or not, made me also understand a bit more of what goes on in every city I visited several times, what trends are happening and what to look for in the coming 2019.

For all those readers, wine fanatics, food lovers, travel freaks, I wish you a great end of 2018 and a fantastic 2019 full of new experiences, lots and lots of wine, tones of awesome food and flavours and a new learning every day!

2019 will be the year where posts and stories will be at top and everyday more more writing to share that little bit of knowledge I get every time a come into a restaurant or a wine shop, wether is to work, chill or simply feed myself and soul!

Thank you 2018 and I’ll see you all in 2019!

Cheers and buon apetito!!!!

Mauricio Sánchez

Corporale chef

Atlantic FS

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