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To pair wine and cheese could be a very fun experience but could also turn into a very complicated one if we don’t choose the right couples!

Let’s start with Kennedy Shah Sauvignon Blanc and our it with Daphne’s Creamery Chèvre.

Kennedy Shah Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Daphne’s Creamery Chèvre

Second pairing will get us to a very nice rosé, a blend of Syrah (85%) & Viognier (15%), dry, with a lot of strawberries and very fresh, perfect to pair with a young Sardinian pecorino, Sassai (3 months aged), made with sheep milk.

Kennedy Shah Rosé
Sassai pecorino sardo 3 months

Red wines are always great with the right cheese too. In this case, La Vie En Rouge, a very fruity red blend will pair very well with an aged Pecorino Sardo (aged 12 months). The drier texture of the cheese and the delicate milky & nutty flavors, will blend very nice with the not so tannic red blend.

Kennedy Shah LVR 2017
Su Entu. Pecorino sardo 12 months

Leave a comment after the tasting and let us know how much you enjoyed the Virtual Wine & Cheese experience.

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