(English) PUJOL

Over a month before my trip to Mexico I was looking for places to eat and enjoy Mexico’s City gastronomy.I wanted to try one of the top rated restaurants in the city so decided to go for # 16 in the San Pellegrino Guide (www.theworlds50best.com), Enrique Olvera’s Pujol (www.pujol.com.mx).

At the booked date, 2:30 pm lunch, went to the so popular and upscale Polanco neighbourhood and arrived at the restaurant. A Nice three story building, wooden façade and a single small door entry, as everything on the inside, simple, minimalistic and modern.

My companion and I were nicely greeted and taken to our table. Comfortable seats, good size table, great environment. Pujol inside is a square room, dark brown painted walls with a couple of long mirrors hanging of them, couple of deco items and with a great simplicity. One of the most minimalistic places I have ever been to. Continue reading