Adrice Autumn Release 2023

Autumn Release 2023

Food pairings, wine pairings, moment pairings, pairings. Autumn (or fall like is said in the US) it’s a time that we associate with cold, rain, snow & family or at least get togethers with mates and the sort. This time around, my beloved friends Pam (the winemaker) & Julie (the admin boss) decided to release 4 beautiful wines just on time for the last release of the year. As always, it is a pleasure to play, study & drink Adrice wines. And this time I came up with great pairing ideas for the new babies. I hope you all enjoy my food pairings and Pam’s creations, they never ever disappoint….they always make you fall in love with Adrice.

Salut & Buon Apettito!

Mauricio Sanchez.

Wine & food pairings

Food pairing. Turkey breast with apple & pear sauce.

Food pairing. Babi Kecap (Indonesian pork with Kecap) with steamed rice.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! Come back shortly to get the full post with the recipes & pairings!

Thank you for your patience!

Sushi…. el chino que todos creemos japones!


Y es que no falta la expresión….sushi….su chicharrón!!!!

Pero hoy quiero hablar un poco de lo real, de aquel plato de la grandiosa y saludable comida japonesa que tanto ha invadido el mundo en buenos términos y dándonos a conocer qué tan grande y sencillo  puede ser disfrutar de un pedazo de pescado crudo, de una porción de edamames o simplemente de una rica sopa de Ramen!

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