Adrice Autumn Release 2023

Autumn Release 2023

Food pairings, wine pairings, moment pairings, pairings. Autumn (or fall like is said in the US) it’s a time that we associate with cold, rain, snow & family or at least get togethers with mates and the sort. This time around, my beloved friends Pam (the winemaker) & Julie (the admin boss) decided to release 4 beautiful wines just on time for the last release of the year. As always, it is a pleasure to play, study & drink Adrice wines. And this time I came up with great pairing ideas for the new babies. I hope you all enjoy my food pairings and Pam’s creations, they never ever disappoint….they always make you fall in love with Adrice.

Salut & Buon Apettito!

Mauricio Sanchez.

Wine & food pairings

Food pairing. Turkey breast with apple & pear sauce.

Food pairing. Babi Kecap (Indonesian pork with Kecap) with steamed rice.

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Thank you for your patience!

Adrice Wines Summer Release 2023

For this summer release, Winemaker Pam Adkins does it again with her craft, her knowledge and ability to transform a little grape into this amazing wines we’re releasing. Varietals, blends and the always divine Vaqueras (Cowgirls) a beautiful dessert wine aged in rye whiskey barrels (American oak), pretty rare in the Washington wine market and one of my favorites from Adrice’s multiple price awarded line up! And for me, the Chef, a complete privilege to play with those awesome flavours and textures coming out of the bottle to imagine and create the perfect food pairing for each of the wines. Was a pleasure creating this pairings once again and will always be!

Enjoy! Cheers!

Mauricio Sanchez.

Wines & Food Pairing

Vivant 2022 Sauvignon Blanc. Horse heaven hills, Wa.

Granny Smith apple, Brie cheese & homemade crostini. (Veggie)

2021 Dolcetto. Columbia Valley, Wa.

Home made pizza, napolitana sauce, with Genoa salami & mozzarella cheese.

Miragaia 2021 Carménère. Columbia Valley, Wa.

Marinated beef short ribs with garlic & rosemary.

Zinfandel 2021. Walla walla, Wa.

Grilled Crimini mushrooms with Worcestershire sauce, garlic, white wine & rosemary.

The Alchemist 2020 GSM. Columbi Valley, Wa.

Soy marinated tofu, red bell peppers & cilantro.

Étouffant 2021 Merlot. Royal Slope, Wa.

Home made lamb & beef seekh kebabs. Onion, Serrano peppers, homemade garlic & ginger paste, ghee & Indian spices.

Vaqueras 2020 Whiskey Barrel Washington Dessert Wine

Gorgonzola cheese & semi dark chocolate ganache.

Adrice spring release 2023!

Spring release, another wonderful time choosing the right dish for the amazing wines made by Pam (Pam Adkins). Always looking for diversity in the ingredients but searching for the perfect pairing! Buon Apetito & salute!
Alaskan salmon fillet, Island spice rubbed.

Alaskan Salmon fillets with “Island spice” rub & avocado. Green onions.

Alma 2022 albariño.

Mango salsa.

Ripe mango with finely chopped red onion, cherry & pear tomatoes m, cilantro, drop of lime and finished with crispy tortilla.

Leadfoot Louie 2022 white blend.

Yellow curry prawns.

Sautéed Pineapple & prawns with yellow curry & coconut milk . Garnished with fresh cilantro.

Semillon 2022.

Berries & fresh spinach salad.

Spinach salad with Raspberries & strawberries, feta cheese, drop of lime & roasted nuts.

Grenache Rosé 2022.

Penne (Rigatoni) arrabbiata.

Penne (Rigatoni) arrabbiata. Napolitana sauce, chilli flakes, Parmesan cheese, parsley.

Arm lifter rosé Nebbiolo 2022.

Prawns, calamari & sweet plantain ceviche.

Ceviche. Shrimp, calamari, sour cream, sweet plantains, onion, cilantro & drop of lime.

Dekker’s Nectar Cabernet Franc Rosé 2022.

Brussel sprouts & Guanciale (Pork Cheek)

Sautéed pork cheek & grilled Brüssel sprouts

Lift Off red blend 2020.

Steak Au Poivre.

Steak Au Poivre. Grilled beef steak with Au Poivre sauce. Sauce made with black & mix peppercorns, brandy & a touch of cream & parsley.

Riveter red Cabernet Sauvignon 2019.